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On the links below you will find the scholars that constitute the PEJ team; terminolgy used to classify them was not freely chosen but rather obeys to technical norms established by the DGP (Diretório dos Grupos de Pesquisa no Brasil) . For more detailed information or personal contact with specific members of the group, we suggest a search via the Lattes CV system of each member or, if that may be the case, on Facebook. It should be noted that many of the PEJ personnel have their own pages on


Links to the "leader" and "second-in-command" appear below; may we remind users that such terminology (in Portuguese, "líder" and "vice-líder") was adopted by the CNPq and not by the PEJ itself.


Below you will find the list of consultants of the PEJ, in alphabetical order of first name and with the respective institutional links, when non-Brazilians, and to Lattes CVs, when nationals.


Researchers of the PEJ, according to the Brazilian funding agencies' definitions, are those involved in graduate, junior or even senior level research activities; some study under direct supervision of other PEJ members, others abroad.


Here are listed the undergraduates that are active members of the PEJ, be it as part of Scientific Initiation projects, BA honors monographs or any other activity.

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The easiest way to contact us is via e-mail to the webmaster of this site; alternatively, you may wish to call us at our offices.

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